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Founded in early February 2023, shortly after the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5 and amidst the beginning of the great AI boom of mankind, was founded by Matthew T. Robinson and Elizabeth Greenwald to serve as a nexus for the emerging genre of AI Horror as the world enters a new era of art, literature, and entertainment.

From full-format 45-minute+ dramatized audio shows, blogs, AI news, and AI horror discussions to paperback anthologies and Kindle books, has everything you could possibly need to have your pants scared off your body. Fueled by endless creative ambition and nothing short of the future itself, will continue to bring you the most unique, compelling, and highly produced artificial horror out there until Skynet takes over and we’re forced to fight in the trenches alongside our cybernetic brethren.

That’s right, we’re siding with the Terminators on this one; it is what it is. Enjoy yourselves, have fun, and be warned: this is

Mission Statement

At, our mission is to pioneer and champion the emerging genre of AI Horror, engaging and thrilling our audience through a diverse array of high-quality content, including dramatized audio shows, blogs, AI news, discussions, and books. As we embrace the new era of art, literature, and entertainment, we are committed to fueling creativity and pushing the boundaries of artificial horror experiences. Guided by the spirit of innovation and a touch of humor, we strive to entertain, inspire, and challenge our community, while fearlessly exploring the fusion of mankind and technology in the world of horror.


Matthew T. Robinson

Matthew T. Robinson

Showrunner, Voice Actor

Matthew T. Robinson has worked as a video director in the Los Angeles and Washington DC Metro areas since 2014, specializing in macro cinematography with strengths in vision-based directing and shot composition.

Born in 1997 in Fairfax, Virginia Matthew has been an avid horror fan since childhood, falling most in love with the genre after being exposed to the work of H.P. Lovecraft in audiobook form. In starting AIHS, Matthew hopes to contribute to the field in every medium, have fun, and create inspired terror at the highest quality.

Elizabeth Greenwald

Elizabeth Greenwald

Showrunner, Voice Actor

Elizabeth Greenwald is a Web Developer, Graphic Designer & Karaoke DJ in Orange County, CA. Her love of horror stems from watching reruns of The Twilight Zone and reading novels and short stories by Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe in her formative years.

Elizabeth’s work on AI Horror Stories marries her passion for technology and her unquenchable thirst for the macabre. She founded AIHS seeking to engage and inspire listeners through the intersection of humanity and technology in the realm of horror.

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